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Dodge RAM- Jeep ECODIESEL Tuning

Dodge RAM and Jeep 3.0 ECODIESEL custom tuning including race tunes for EGR and DPF delete.


Lightspeed has done it again. We have spent the last few months perfecting our Dodge Ram Jeep ECO DIESEL tune. We spent many hours working on this tune to bring you the very best in economy and performance. We have completely recalibrated the driver input and removed the dreaded dead pedal. Now the truck will do what you ask when you ask not what Dodge engineers produced. Why didn't Dodge do this you ask. Good question and I actually have a good answer. Engineers design calibrations for many situations and one thing a vehicle needs to be able to do is work for a 16 year old who just got his license and the 90 year old driving to the local coffee shop. So the dreaded hesitation or dead pedal is inserted. If you just stepped on the gas pedal it would be way to sensitive on the output so some control is needed not as much as Dodge gave but definitely some.  If this option bothers you no problem just say the word and when we program your ecu we will leave this annoying factory program in the ecu. We also in our Stage 1 tune added horsepower and some economy. So your truck drives better and uses less fuel. This is all included in our stage 1 tune. We have paid special attention to the soot-carbon or coal your truck produces. Our Stage 1 tune is not going to role coal you better ask us for a custom race tune if this is what you want. In this calibration we also  worked on smoothing over the fuel delivery timing this is going to produce a much nicer and smoother running truck. It is also going to make the engine quieter. We think you will really enjoy our tuning as all of our clients have commented on how nice this truck runs now. [caption id="attachment_1179" align="alignnone" width="300"]ECODIESEL DYNO ECODIESEL DYNO[/caption]


If you are reading this you are probably considering removing your DPF filter or the EGR. Or you are one of the unlucky souls who found out their EGR cooler is leaking and then found out that Dodge is backordered on them over 6 months the last time we checked. Thats why we continued on our quest for calibrating this ecu. We offer Race packages for those people who need these services. Please note you are responsible for race calibrations if for some reason you decide to drive this vehicle on the road. Fortunately most of Canada at this time is emissions friendly however this is not legal advice. You find out the laws in your own residence. We offer DPF delete exhaust packages and EGR delete packages complete with cooler removal as well. Phone 403-346-7960 or email sales@lightspeedinnovations.com for more information.

[caption id="attachment_1180" align="alignnone" width="300"]ECODIESEL EGR DELETE ECODIESEL EGR DELETE[/caption]    


Now calibrating most ECU’s – GM Dodge Ford Mercedes BMW Honda Subaru Nissan VW Mazda Smart Sprinter Toyota Hyundai Audi Polaris Can Am Diesel or Gas

Lightspeed has teamed up with the worlds best calibrators to deliver a one stop solution place. Not every calibrator can be an expert at everything so for you Diesel guys we found the best diesel tuners for the euro guys we searched all the way across Europe, Japanese import and Domestic we got those covered as well. We can tune most any ECU not all but most. Now some cars are not very popular and with the time required to disassemble the code and it is not worth it. To date we can calibrate most ecu,ecm or pcm as the engine computer is called. Each engine computer may have to be programmed differently this is just due to the fact each processor is different. Some cars can be done through the OBD port ( diagnostic port) others need to be done by removing the computer and putting certain probes on the board, others yet need to have the actual eeprom removed and placed in a separate reader. Some we can access with our own interfaces and then some others need to be accessed with a separate interface. Sometimes we can email you a file other times we need to see the actual physical computer. We can do emission delete files for places where emission laws are not in place or a vehicle is being used in a race application. We also specialize in doing full emission compliant tunes actually adding Horse power and economy all while keeping everything green. So if it has tracks, 2 wheels, 4 wheels, pulls a trailer, or maybe even cultivates your field we most likely have a solution that will gain power, economy or just get rid of that pesky problem.  Please email or call us for details.

Plex Tuning

Plex Knock Monitor v 2.0 and Plex Dash’s

Now distributing the entire line of Plex Tuning products.

Power Sports

Powersports ECU’s Polaris RMK and RZR, Artic Cat 1100 and 800,

Powersports ECU's Polaris RMK and RZR, Artic Cat 1100 and 800,

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Over 25,000 hours of dyno calibration have taken place here both AWD and 2WD

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Balanced and Blueprinted Engines Built in House

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Custom Built Cars

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  • First Autronic Dealer in North America
  • First Vipec Dealer in North America
  • First in world to do Vipec drive by wire
  • First 12 second Mitsubishi Ralliart
  • First 500 WPH stock block Mitsubishi EVO
  • First Emtron Dealer in North America
  • First Skyline R32 Plug in Play Emtron in the world
  • First 2015 Supercharged Dodge Ram
  • First 430 WHP BMW 335 XDrive Auto
  • First 510 WHP Subaru STi on pump Gas





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