GAS + E85 Tuning

It’s all in the Tune. At LightSpeed, we do everything from a drive-up and drive away flash tune done through your OBD II port for that new Cold Air Intake you just got, to a full race car with a Stand alone engine management system. With two Dynos – one AWD 900hp Dynapack hub Dyno and a 2WD in-floor Mustang dyno that can handle up to 1500hp, we can handle virtually anything you can bring in. 
Lightspeed Inovations

Our Tuning Services

With our vast experience and more tuning+programming equipment than anyone in Western Canada, there’s virtually nothing we can’t do. Plus, with Tuning starting as low as $450, we have something for every budget. Just click on the “Get Tuned Now” button and fill out some information to get started. 

If you have a different type of problem you need fixed – like you’ve got an airbag module/TCM/Anti-theft or any other module that has been swapped or has failed, we can fix/adapt virtually anything, including reprogramming your keys if you have lost all of them. Please click on “Please fix my Module” instead. 

Or, just click the “Text us here” bubble or call us to get the process started! 

2wd dyno tuning

Tune up to 1500Hp

AWD Dyno Tuning

Tune up to 900Hp

obd ii tuning

Plug in, tune, test, drive away

Remote tuning

Virtually any tandalones or handheld programmer

stand alone engine management

Likely to require Dyno time

Specialty tuning

Key programming, Emissions, CEL code deletes, etc.

Get Tuned Now

Service Rates

For an accurate quote, get in touch with our experts.

dyno room charges
Baselines (Includes 3 runs and setup)

Want to know what you have for power right now? This is your ticket to find out!

This includes 3 runs and set-up fees

Locally Operated

Quality Services

From a basic Intakes and Exhaust systems to brake and suspension upgrades all the way up to Turbo upgrades, Superchargers, Transmission swaps, standalone engine management systems and full performance engine builds with our own bespoke head work. – Lightspeed Innovations.
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Cam was excellent to deal with, really clean tunes
Levi Reynolds
Levi Reynolds
I called this morning in dire need of my truck to be re-tuned as my previous tune crapped the bed. I spoke to Cam and he told me to Bring my truck down in 15 minutes. Upon extremely short notice Cam got my truck re-tuned, and upgraded my tuning setup all in the same day in a few hours. I will be returning for any of my tuning needs and referring LightSpeed Innovations to my friends!
Howes Inc
Howes Inc
I stopped in this morning and the guys got me right in asked what I was looking for and expected suggested what we should do got me in not only for my car but my truck as well. Good attitude and great service boys.
Did great tuning work, the price estimate was accurate, and my service was great. Just like it should be. Thanks, guys. Erik H.
Sawatzky's Controller
Sawatzky's Controller
Great company to work with. Staff is very patient and helpful!!! We enjoy working with you!!
Glenn Hall
Glenn Hall
I met cam along time ago at the westerner and was doing tunes . He told me let's go for a drive if you don't like it I won't charge you a dime. Just got my 4th vehicle tuned by cam . It's amazing what he can do to a vehicle with a tune . Smother , way more power . He told me it already in the motor just vague programming does not let you use it . Pretty cool stuff for sure . From a happy customer .