ARTEC PERFORMANCE Nissan RB26 70mm V-Band Exhaust Manifold


All Artec manifolds are designed using CFD software to ensure they maximize flow, which, in combination with their revolutionary cast stainless steel construction, ensures that not only do you get he most power, but also the most reliability

Artec really went to town on this one! Being one of their most complex designs to date, this one definitely took some time to develop.  From their “Big Daddy” line up, this RB manifold is designed to fit the entire RB lineup including the RB30 bottom end with its taller deck height.

Artec used a Garrett G45-1450 and a G40-900 for the development of this manifold along with a Turbosmart 50mm wastegate.
If you want more flow you can simply cut and weld a 60mm wastegate/flange on.

You can also run Precision 6870 through to 7675 and they will be testing up to the 8685.

Artec also made sure that this was designed to be there with you the whole way through your upgrading process.. even if you go up to a 3.4L, you can still use this manifold. Plus, this design also retains AC and Power steering with the HICAS pump, plus has heaps of space for easy oil and water lines and space for thermal management option that will be available at a later date.


  • Investment Cast SUS347 Stainless Steel Construction
  • y70mm ID on the Inlet Flange
  • Single 50mm Wastegate Flange Mount
  • Designed to be useful with virtually any RB upgrading
  • Retains the factory AC and power steering


  • Designed in Australia with Lifetime Warranty*