ARTEC PERFORMANCE Honda K Series 70mm V-Band Exhaust Manifold


All Artec manifolds are designed using CFD software to ensure they maximize flow, which, in combination with their revolutionary cast stainless steel construction, ensures that not only do you get he most power, but also the most reliability

This K-Series manifold is Designed as part of the “Big Daddy” (70mm V-Band) Range of Artec manifolds. The 70mm flange is capable of running the  @garrettmotion G40 G42 and G45 along with @precisionturbo 6870 through to 8685 range.

The “Big Daddy” range of manifolds are also equipped with 50mm wastegate flanges to suit @turbosmarthq 50mm wastegates and others that use that footprint. The wastegate runner is designed to accommodate the flow of a 60mm gate if your setup requires it.

The manifold is designed to run on everything from MR2 swaps to serious FWD or AWD swaps. Depending on the chassis your K series is mounted to, you might need to run some “Gangster lean/tilt” engine mount kits.

This manifold is more targeted at the serious racers and tuners. Please don’t expect to be bolting on a G45-1600 or PTE 8685 to your daily. . . . But don’t let us hold you back!


  • Investment Cast SUS347 Stainless Steel Construction
  • BIG Daddy Range – 70MM V-Band Flange
  • Turbosmart 50mm Wastegate Flange or larger possible
  • Designed for easy fitment along with plenty of space and clearance for oil drains and servicing
  • Capable of running up to a G40 / G42 / G45 or Precision 6870 to 8685


  • Designed in Australia with Lifetime Warranty*