ARTEC PERFORMANCE Mazda 13B V-Band Exhaust Manifold


Artec manifolds are designed using CFD software to ensure they maximize flow, which, in combination with their revolutionary cast stainless steel construction, ensures that not only do you get he most power, but also the most reliability

This manifold is very unique in that it’s designed to run an open scroll turbine housing and Artec also has managed to remove the issues seen in Two Rotor engines where the exhaust gas can be pushed back into the other rotor. With this design, there is an overall reduction in backpressure, and, you guessed it, an increase in flow. They didn’t stop there, they also ensured that even the wastegate flow was separated so as not continue the concept of eliminating back flow between exhaust ports.

It uses Artec’s patented universal V-Band mounting system to allow mounting of a @precisionturbo 6466 or many other V-Band turbos up to your 13B.



  • Investment Cast SUS347 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 50m Wastegate Flange
  • Open scroll design with split wastegate port
  • Package includes High Flow Y Pipe / Dump Pipe
  • Capable of running GTX3076 and precision 6466 through to Xona 76mm


  • Designed in Australia with Lifetime Warranty*