ARTEC PERFORMANCE Honda K Series Sidewinder V-Band Exhaust Manifold


All Artec manifolds are designed using CFD software to ensure they maximize flow, which, in combination with their revolutionary cast stainless steel construction, ensures that not only do you get he most power, but also the most reliability.

This Sidewinder manifold is designed to not only flow well, but also to make sure it looks proper as well. They focused their attention on ensuring it was mounted square to the engine so as not to look “weird”. The V-Band flange is Artec’s patented 50-55mm setup which can handle turbos as small as a G25 through to a 6870. Soon, they will even be releasing a weld on piece that will allow 70mm V-Band flanges to go on so you can run the big boy turbos like @garrettmotion G40 G42 and G45’s or @precisionturbo 6870 all the way up to 8685’s.

The real accomplishment here, however,  is best in class boost control without going to a massive wastegate.  This, unit comes with a 44/45/46mm waste gate adapter range and, if you feel so inclined, you may cut the flange off and run a 50mm unit, however, the flow characteristics of the supplied flange system is in excess of a standard 50mm setup.

After the turbo, comes the 4″ dump pipe, with clearance for the LHD brake booster and master cylinder. Incredible. There’s even a provision for the wastegate to be plumbed back into the downpipe and a wideband bung built in. Now, if you’re concerned that your turbo weighs too much, there’s even a mount near the turbo flange for you to add an extra brace. With bracing in mind, there’s another brace mount on the dump pipe (some may call this a downpipe, as it is the first pipe after the turbo).


  • Investment Cast SUS347 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 50 to 55mm ID on the Inlet Flange
  • Single 44/45/46mm Wastegate Flange Mount
  • Designed to handle 3-3.5″ exhaust
  • Built in O2 sensor bung


  • Designed in Australia with Lifetime Warranty*