With an extremely well equipped 5000 square foot shop which allows us to house projects, tune cars, build engines and sell parts,  we are also ready to meet your vehicle’s maintenance requirements. Whether it be a simple oil change, tire swap over or repairing that nasty water pump leak – we are here to serve you!  Plus don’t forget our state of the art wheel alignment machine.

Employing top quality Certified Technicians who are well versed in the complicated world of performance application, they are very good at diagnosing issues, and specialize in wiring and electrical problems. Being familiar with both diesel and gas our techs have been trained at dealer OEM level.

Look no further for  your scheduled maintenance or repairing that unfortunate breakdown. Make sure you also visit our Tuning and Engine sections for more information.  We are experience, qualified, professional and ready to get you back in motion.



SHOP RATE ———————————————————————————————-$140.00/hr




2WD Dyno Tuning ————————————————————————————-$220.00/hr

  • plus $50.00 Setup Fee
  • plus up to $50.00 Sensor Hook Up Fee

AWD Dyno Tuning ————————————————————————————-$265.00/hr

  • plus $65.00 Setup Fee
  • plus up to $50.00 Sensor Hook up Fee

Baselines (Includes 3 runs and setup)

  • 2WD Baseline ————————————————————————————-$150.00
  • AWD Baseline ————————————————————————————$200.00




Standard ————————————————————————————————$150.00

Aftermarket Coilovers ——————————————————————————-$180.00

Adjustable Suspension Upgrade ——————————————————————$250.00