Diesel DPF Deletes, Tuning and Maintenance

We are the pioneers of many of the tunes and deletes’ on the market today. As an example, we are the only people who can delete the Ford Transit Van. Our delete and power upgrade tunes are used by shops around the world. We offer everything from tuning to Full DPF, EGR and SCR deletes. We do the mechanical and the programming on-site. Why go anywhere else but the source? Contact us now to get your quote today!

Lightspeed Inovations

Our Diesel Services

Situated in Red Deer, Alberta, Lightspeed Innovations is your trusted partner for Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Deletes and comprehensive diesel maintenance services. From a simple delete with no additional Hp, to 200hp Switch-On-The-Fly multi tunes. If you don’t see your vehicle below, don’t worry, if it’s tune-able, chances are, we can tune it.



Ford F-250 TO F-550 Powerstroke Tuning


2017+ cHEVROLET & gmc "L5P" DURAMAX


From a EcoDiesel’s to Powerstrokes and from Highway tractors to Heavy equipment. We do it all. Click here to get your quote today!


Lightspeed Innovations offers a Stage 1 tune for Dodge Ram Jeep ECO DIESEL to boost performance and fuel savings. This tune gets rid of the delayed response, or “dead pedal,” making the truck react quicker to the gas pedal. It adds more power, improves fuel efficiency, and helps the engine run smoother and quieter. For those considering DPF or EGR removal, or facing EGR cooler leaks, Lightspeed provides Race packages and delete packages. Contact them at 403-346-7960 or sales@lightspeedinnovations.com for more details.

Ford Diesel Transit Van Tuning

Lightspeed Innovations the unique diesel tuning solutions providers is now releasing to public our transit van tunes. Standard tune is 35 hp and 65ft-lbs plus 5% in economy. If you are looking for custom DPF delete tuning that number increases to 45hp and 90 ft lbs all with more economy as well. Delete tunes require more steps to accomplish but will relieve you of all the problems associated with DPF systems and ad blue issues. For more information please email sales@lightspeedinnovations.com

If for some reason the link does not work it means they are trying to shut it down again. Please call 403-346-7960

Locally Operated

Quality Services

From a basic Intakes and Exhaust systems to brake and suspension upgrades all the way up to Turbo upgrades, Superchargers, Transmission swaps, standalone engine management systems and full performance engine builds with our own bespoke head work. – Lightspeed Innovations.
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Cam was excellent to deal with, really clean tunes
Levi Reynolds
Levi Reynolds
I called this morning in dire need of my truck to be re-tuned as my previous tune crapped the bed. I spoke to Cam and he told me to Bring my truck down in 15 minutes. Upon extremely short notice Cam got my truck re-tuned, and upgraded my tuning setup all in the same day in a few hours. I will be returning for any of my tuning needs and referring LightSpeed Innovations to my friends!
Howes Inc
Howes Inc
I stopped in this morning and the guys got me right in asked what I was looking for and expected suggested what we should do got me in not only for my car but my truck as well. Good attitude and great service boys.
Did great tuning work, the price estimate was accurate, and my service was great. Just like it should be. Thanks, guys. Erik H.
Sawatzky's Controller
Sawatzky's Controller
Great company to work with. Staff is very patient and helpful!!! We enjoy working with you!!
Glenn Hall
Glenn Hall
I met cam along time ago at the westerner and was doing tunes . He told me let's go for a drive if you don't like it I won't charge you a dime. Just got my 4th vehicle tuned by cam . It's amazing what he can do to a vehicle with a tune . Smother , way more power . He told me it already in the motor just vague programming does not let you use it . Pretty cool stuff for sure . From a happy customer .